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CDN 3061

Automated single phase Coupling/Decoupling Networks

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  • Single phase model with exceeding current range
  • Fully automated Surge and Burst coupling
  • IEC and ANSI coupling
  • High accuracy switching technology
  • Modular and upgradeable to fit new generator architecture

The new, modular CDN 3061 is an easily upgradeable test instruments that maximize the user’s initial investment. Users can select a CDN configuration that fulfills their basic testing needs with the assurance that they can upgrade it to a version to fit different generator compatibility as their testing requirements change. The CDN 3061 is designed for maximum reliability in a wide range of test setups. Over temperature protection, which allows short term operation at currents exceeding the nominal rating, prevents damage to internal components.

The automated single-phase coupling network incorporates surge and burst coupling for continuous EUT currents of up to 16 A and complies to the requirements for the surge standard IEC/EN 61000-4-5:2005, as well the coupling modes given in the ANSI C62.45 standard and for burst standard IEC/EN 61000-4-4:2005. This network features a module for the power quality test required by IEC/EN 61000-4-11 and IEC/EN 61000-4-29. Automated variac accessories are available for connection to the CDN to perform the variation test described in IEC/EN 61000-4-11. Voltage variation test parameters are set via the generator’s user interface.

Parameter Value

CDN 3061-C16
CDN 3061-C16-PQM
CDN 3061-S16

Combined EFT and CWS
Combined EFT, CWS and Dips, Interrupts and Variations
For combined wave surge (CWS) only

EUT voltage

EUT VAC up to 270 VAC rms, line to neutral
EUT VDC up to 270 VDC

EUT current

1 x 16 A rms continuous (over temperature protection)
1 x 25 A rms for 10 min (over temparature protection)

Burst voltage

Up to 4800 V

Surge voltage

Up to 6600 V


W: 449 mm (17.7”), H: 221.5 mm (8.75”, 5 HU), D: 565 mm (22.2”)


20 kg (44 lb) approx.

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  • CDN 3061-C16

    Single phase 265 V/16 A automatic coupling decoupling network (CDN) for EFT/Burst pulses up to 4.8 kV and Surge up to 6.6 kV

  • CDN 3061-C16-PQM

    Single phase 265 V/16 A automatic coupling decoupling network (CDN) for EFT/Burst pulses up to 4.8 kV, Surge up to 6.6 kV and Power Quality (Dips Interrupts & Variations) testing

  • CDN 3061-S16

    Single phase 265 V/16 A automatic coupling decoupling network (CDN) for Surge up to 6.6 kV

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  • NSG 3060 (ersetzt durch NSG 3060A)

    NSG 3060 (ersetzt durch NSG 3060A)

    Multifunction generator for EFT/Burst (4.8 kV), Surge Combination Wave (6.6 kV), Surge Telecom 10/700, Ring Wave, Dips Interrupts and Variations, and Magnetic Field testing. Choice of impulse modules depends on your testing needs.


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