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VAR 3005-D16

Dual Voltage Source for Dips, Interrupts and Variations Testing

VAR 3005-D16zoom
  • IEC 61000-4-11 compliant
  • Two power sources in one box
  • 16 A continous / 40 A short term
  • Automatic 50/60 Hz detection and regulation
  • Advanced regulation and selftest features

The automated variable transformer series VAR 3005 is a standard accessory for the Teseq NSG 3040 and NSG 3060/CDN 3061 instrumentation. In combination with a PQT (Power Quality) module it provides a convenient means for reducing the incoming supply voltage by adjusting the incoming EUT supply voltage to arbitrary voltages.
It is required for power quality testing (PQT) dips and interrupts and is compliant with the latest revision of IEC/EN 61000-4-11 including the variation test.
The VAR 3005 units are fully automatic controlled, driven from NSG, using the touch panel interface SUI or the WIN software application. To prevent incorrect testing, the phase, neutral and earth line of EUT IN power line is observed and the 50/60 Hz frequency range will be set automatically. This feature helps especially in case where “cycle” parameter is set in a test procedure.

The VAR 3005 can be connected either via a NSG 3040 with its internal coupling device or via the NSG 3060 in combination with a CDN 3061 and the built in power quality (PQT) module. The EUT input frequency will be detected automatically for a correct synchronization of the PQT events.

The VAR 3005-D16 is an automated double variac, each rated for 16 A. Two variacs allow to set Uvar as well as the the Uin parameter. This allows for example to test 110 V EUTs from 230 V mains.
Once detected, the settings of one variation voltage Uvar will be possible in Volts or % of Uin, while Uin can be freely set. The Uvar for the recommended value can be given in the standard like 0, 40, 70 or 80%.
Any other value settings in % or in volts are possible.

The variation test with the double variac has the advantage to set the 100% (Uin) voltage to any desired value without disconnecting the EUT mains or set manually to another voltage, while the 70% value is positioned by the second variac.



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