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MD 300

Surge Pulse Current Probe Set

MD 300zoom
  • Specially designed for surge current pulse measurements
  • Probe is physically isolated from the circuit
  • Ready to use
  • No additional attenuators needed

The MD 300 probe has been specially designed to verify surge current pulses as specified in IEC/EN 61000-4-5, ANSI C62.41 and their derivates.

The main advantage of the MD 300 current probe is, that the measuring system is physically isolated from the circuit under test.

The MD 300 current probe is ready to use as coming along with pre-mounted coaxial cable. The BNC-end plug needs to be connected to the high-impedance input or 50 Ω input of an ordinary memory oscilloscope. Then the conductor carrying the surge current to be measured is passed through the hole in the current probe. The resulting voltage wave shape on the oscilloscope will then be an authentical reproduction of the actual current wave shape within the given accuracy.

Parameter Value
Maximum peak current

5000 Amp

Maximum RMS current

>63 Amp

Nominal ratio

500:1 (into 1 MΩ system)

1000:1 (into 50 Ω system)


0.002 V/Amp (1 MΩ system)

0.001 V/Amp (50 Ω system)



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