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NSG 3060-ITU (discontinued)

Multifunction generator for Surge Combination Wave, Telecom Surge, and EFT/Burst, for IEC and ITU-T.K series testing.

NSG 3060-ANSIzoom
  • Complies with and exceeds requirements of IEC/EN 61000-4-4, -5, and ITU-T.K series
  • Surge Combination Wave 6.6 kV
  • Surge Telecom 10/700 7.7 kV
  • EFT/Burst 4.8 kV
  • 7.2" color display, touch panel, wheel with step size keys, Start-Stop-Pause keys and virtual keypad for easy and intuitive testing


Teseq’s new NSG 3060-ITU generator is an easy-to-use multifunction generator that simulates electromagnetic interference effects for immunity testing in conformity with international, national and manufacturers’ standards including the latest IEC/EN standards. The NSG 3060-ITU system is designed to fulfill conducted EMC test requirements for CE mark testing, ANSI TIA 968B, and ITU T. K series, including Combination Wave Surge (6.6 kV), Telecom Surge 10/700 (7.7 kV), and Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) pulses.

Featuring an innovative modular design, the NSG 3060-ITU is a versatile system that can be configured for basic testing needs and expanded to meet the needs of sophisticated test laboratories. Teseq’s well proven “Master-Slave” architecture enables individual pulse modules to be calibrated separately, with calibration data and correction factors stored on the slave controller. New modules can be easily installed with no need to return the entire system for calibration.


Combination wave pulse 1, 2/50 - 8/20 μs (Hybrid-Surge pulse)
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-5 and ANSI (IEEE) 62.41

Parameter Value

Pulse voltage (open circuit)

±200 V to 6.6 kV (in 1 V steps)

Pulse current (short circuit)

±100 A to 3.3 kA


2/12 Ω


positive / negative / alternate

Pulse repetition

5* to 20 s, up to 600 s (in 1 s steps)
* derated depending on selected pulse voltage and EUT supply voltage

Test duration

1 to 9999 pulses, continuous

Phase synchronization

asynchronous, synchronous 0 to 359º (in 1º steps)


ANSI / IEC / external


Telecom Surge 10/700 & 5/320
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-5

Parameter Value


200 to 7.7 kV


5 to 500 A

Pulse shape

10/700 μs (9/720 us) – 5/320 μs

Source impedance

15 and 40 Ω

Repetition time

10 to 600 s


0 to 359⁰ in 1⁰ steps

Test duration

1 pulse to continuous


Burst (EFT) 5/50 ns
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-4

Parameter Value

Pulse amplitude

±200 V to 4.8 kV (in 1 V steps) - open circuit
±100 V to 2.4 kV (50 Ω matching system)

Burst frequency

100 Hz to 1000 kHz


positive / negative / alternate

Repetition time

1 ms to 4200 s (70 min)

Burst time

1 μs to 1999 s, single pulse, continuous

Test duration

1 s to 1000 h

Phase synchronization

asynchronous, synchronous 0 to 359º (in 1º steps)


ANSI / IEC / external

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