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DPA 3000

Biconical Dipole Antenna 800 to 2800 MHz

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  • Ideal for test site verification and in-situ measuring
  • Can be combined with a comb generator as Reference Radiation Source
  • Light weight and very compact

The dipole antenna DPA 3000 operates as a field strength measuring antenna in the frequency range 800 to 2800 (3000*) MHz. The DPA 3000 is constructed so that it can be converted easily to a Reference Radiation Source in combination with the Reference Spectrum Generator RSG 3000. It provides reference measurements between open area test sites and alternative facilities as e.g. anechoic chambers and GTEM-cells.
It may be used for calibration of these alternative facilities as well as for quick checks of antennas and test set-ups. Further this combination can be used to measure the attenuation of absorbing material or the shielding effectiveness of screening materials.
*) with VSQ 3000/3002

Parameter Value
Antenna type

Biconical dipole antenna



Frequency range

800 MHz to 2800 (3000 with VSQ 3000/3002) MHz 

Antenna factor, typ

30 dB/m to 38 dB/m (0.8 GHz to 2.5 GHz)

Isotropic gain, typ.

-2.0 dB to +1.5 dB (0.8 GHz to 2.5 GHz)

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